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0 = I don’t agree with this statement or I am not familiar with this topic.
4 = I mildly agree with this statement.
7 = I substantially agree with this statement.
10 = I totally agree with this statement.

I. Handling Poor Shots or Poor Play

1. When I am not playing my best golf I know how to get the best out of my self

2. I know how to let go of poor play and keep my focus on the next shot.

3. I keep calm and relaxed after my bad shots

4. I have an effective way to analyze my matches so I take the learning and build my confidence.

5. I have an effective post shot routine that enables me to be in the best state for my next shot.

II. Confidence

1. I am confident in my ability to play well in competition.

2. I remain confident in my golf game even after a couple of poor rounds.

3. I know how to use my mind and body to boost my confidence while competing

4. I am good at grinding out a round when I am not playing my best golf

5. My golfing confidence is not affected when I play the first 3-4 holes poorly

III. Composure Under Pressure

1. When playing in important matches I play my best golf

2. I stay relaxed and focused when finishing off a close match

3. I know how to get myself into the best state when in pressure situations.

4. I play well when I have a putt to win on the 18th hole

5. I am rarely negatively affected by nerves or tension while competing.

IV. Focus and Concentration

1. I am always able to let go of my score and stay focused on each shot as it comes.

2. I am not affected by Comfort Zones; I just play and feel open to shooting a new best score at any time.

3. I don't get affected by distractions around me and am able to stay focused on my golf game.

4. I am not affected by how well my playing partners play. I just play my own game.

5. I am not affected by shots over bunkers or water. I know how to focus on the target only

V. The Power of Routines

1. I have a clear and effective pre-shot routine that includes a strong mental component

2. I have specific pre shot routines for driving, chipping and putting.

3. My practice sessions have a clear purpose and really help me to improve all aspects of my game

4. I know that I use my pre shot routine consistently for all 18 holes

5. I use a pre-match warm up routine that prepares me to be in the best state on the first tee.

VI. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I am ready willing and able to discover how I can improve my golf mental game.

2. I really believe that improving my mental game skills will make a significant improvement to my overall golf game.

3. I am ready to invest the time and resources it takes to greatly improve my mental game and therefore my playing potential and my handicap.

4. I am open to working with a mental game coach so I can fast track my mental game skills.

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